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Introducing Social Action 

Target group: Community Leaders, Youth Workers, Teachers, Voluntary Organisations and The Volunteer Workforce

Session time: 6 hours


To provide practical guidance on leading and managing  social action projects


During the course participants will:

  • Understand Social Action and explore its policy context
  • Explore the beneficiaries of social action projects
  • Explore how to identify the need for social action projects
  • Learn how to lead, plan and manage resources effectively
  • Examine accountability and responsibility within social action projects
  • Define outcome measures and tools available to evidence impact
By the end of the session, participants will;
  • Have an understanding of Social Action and its national government policy context including agencies supporting the concept
  • Develop a greater understanding of who can benefit from social action projects and how this impacts the local community
  • Identify a range of methods to identify local needs and issues
  • Explore potential partners who can support and develop social action projects
  • Understand the role of a Social Action Leader
  • Access a range of planning and management tools to support social action projects
  • Develop a project plan which will support the management of a Social Action project
  • Recognising and engaging potential partners  to benefit social action
  • Recognise how to measure and evaluate projects
  • Discover the range of roles within a social action project

The workshop will explore Social Action in a practical way, exploring a range of scenarios to promote knowledge and understanding. Delegates will also experience a range of practical tools to support them in engaging and inspiring  their local community. 


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