Youth clubs today

Youth clubs have been around for more than 150 years

The activities they offer may have changed a little, but their purpose remains much the same. In 1863, Rev Arthur Sweatman said youth clubs provided “evening recreation, companionship, an entertaining but healthy literature, useful instruction, and a strong guiding influence to lead young people onward and upward socially and morally”. The language may be old-fashioned, but youth clubs still focus on the same vital things today.

What is a youth club?

Youth clubs give young people a low-cost place to go outside of school, offering them a sense of belonging. The activities and support from club leaders and volunteers allow young people to learn new skills and build confidence and resilience for the future, as well as have fun. Young people choose to go there, with youth clubs open to all young people.

There are around 11,000 youth clubs in England.

What do youth clubs offer?

The 3,000 youth clubs that our members work with offer a huge range of activities. There is everything from boxing to dance, as well as clubs focusing on the environment, creative arts and leadership and work skills.

Relationships are also at the heart of youth clubs - both with friends and the adults who work there. For some young people, their relationship with their youth worker or club volunteer may be the only meaningful relationship they have with an adult – and it can be life changing.

Youth clubs offer something for everyone. We want to make sure every young person in the UK has access to a club that’s right for them.

5,000 young people benefited from Ambition Giving funding

1,000 training awards delivered in a year

81% of participants felt more engaged at school

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