The difference
clubs make

Life isn't easy for young people today

Just for starters:

  • Youth unemployment is reaching record levels, with young black people disproportionately affected.
  • There’s more pressure than ever to be successful at school, college and university.
  • Many young people are overweight (30% in the UK) and unfit.
  • Mental health problems like depression, eating disorders and self-harming affect many young people.
  • New technology like social media opens up new ways to communicate, but can lead to cyber bullying.
  • Four out of five young people end up hanging out on the streets because there’s nowhere else to go, and 70% of young people believe people their age get involved in anti-social behaviour because they’re bored (YouGov Princes Trust Youth Index, 2008).

Youth clubs are part of the solution

At the most basic level, youth clubs give young people something positive and fun to do, stopping them getting into trouble. But they achieve so much more than this.

Clubs can change young people’s lives. They give teenagers vital skills like teamwork and leadership. They give young people a sense of belonging and a place in their community. Getting good at a particular skill builds their confidence. Sports clubs improve young people’s health and fitness. The leaders running clubs are often trained to give advice on everything from drugs to relationships.

Youth clubs help make young people happy, healthy, well adjusted – and able to make positive contribution to society and their communities.

In 2004, we surveyed 200 young people about youth clubs, working with Brunel University.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 80% said their youth club helped them to know right from wrong.
  • 93% said their youth club was a safe place to go in their community.
  • 73% said their youth club had provided support with schooling and education.
  • 71% said their youth club helped their career development.
  • 70% said their youth club had increased their participation in sports.

93% said their youth club was a safe place to go in their community

11k youth clubs and community projects in England

3500 youth clubs and youth projects supported by our members

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