Influencing and campaigning

One key way we help youth clubs to thrive is influencing local and national government to support youth organisations

We meet with important decision-makers to raise vital issues and make them see how crucial youth clubs are to today’s young people. We often respond to government consultations and carry out research to support our position too.

What we think of the government’s policies

  • Positive for Youth

In December 2011, the coalition government brought all its policies for 13- to 19-year-olds together under one statement, called Positive for Youth. It covers everything from education and youth services to health, crime and housing.

Our Chief Executive, Helen Marshall, gave her views on the statement:

“Today’s launch of Positive for Youth is so important. With young people’s unemployment rising, and youth services across all sectors hit by cuts, a clear vision for their future is vital.

Together with our membership, we are committed to making the vision of the policy a reality through the work of youth clubs and community projects.

The value of such clubs and projects in young people’s lives is rightly recognised and we are pleased with the emphasis of the importance of young people’s personal and social development to educational and other long term outcomes.  We will be working hard to demonstrate its impact, and the added value it brings.

We welcome many of the key themes, including the need for greater collaboration, standardisation of outcomes measures and strengthening young people’s role in developing and evaluating services. We are also pleased that there is a shift in focus to measuring positive outcomes. These were all issues reflected in our 2009 report Somewhere to Belong…A blueprint for 21st century youth clubs.

We are working in challenging times. We are responding through resourcing ourselves and our membership to seek out new opportunities, and strengthen the work they already do.  This places us in the best position to help deliver on Positive for Youth, and to influence the future to make sure young people remain high on the agenda".

93% said their youth club was a safe place to go in their community

£3m given to our members for local work with young people

80% said their youth club helped them to know right from wrong

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