Seeing Youth Clubs Differently

Youth clubs are so much more than just a place to get young people off the streets

They help young people thrive, giving them valuable skills for now and the future, building their confidence and giving them people to talk to about problems from relationships to drugs. Youth clubs are a vital part of a successful society. We need to make sure every young person has access to one, and that it provides the very best support.

Developing quality youth clubs

Youth clubs can benefit young people so much – if they’re run well.


71% said their youth club helped their career development

Influencing and campaigning

One key way we help youth clubs to thrive is influencing local and national government to support youth organisations.


80% said their youth club helped them to know right from wrong

The difference clubs make

Life isn’t easy for young people today.


70% said their youth club had increased their participation in sports

Youth clubs today

Youth clubs have been around for more than 150 years. The activities they offer may have changed a little, but their purpose remains much the same.


73% said their youth club had provided support with schooling and education

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