Equipping young people with skills for a successful future

Our young people’s programmes provide vital skills for work and life

For many young people school and home is not always an easy place to be. Widespread youth unemployment, school pressure and a social media obsessed world mean young people today face significant challenges compared to generations before them.

Our programmes provide young people with the skills they need to do better at school, be more employable and improve their health and well-being.

Each year we aim to raise more than £1 million income to deliver programmes to young people in communities across the UK, giving them a better chance of a successful future. We have also invested in impact measurement so we can clearly demonstrate the difference our programmes make.

Find out more about our programmes by contacting:

Jane Nolan, jane@ambitionuk.org

1,000 training awards delivered in a year

90% of annual expenditure directly supports young people in local communities

90 years on and young people are still supported by Ambition

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