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Our members are diverse and include umbrella organisations, who support youth clubs and projects in their local areas, plus other bodies that work with young people in the community. In tough economic times, we will help you thrive, making the most of available opportunities and improving the support you provide.

In 2013-14 we raised £1 million to fund 80% of our network to deliver local programmes to young people in communities across the UK.

Our members are given access to a range of useful tools within our members website area that are designed to help improve their services. This includes information about funding opportunities, access to members forum's and information packs such as the Strategic Diagnostic Toolkit. 

Get in touch with to find out more about membership or any of these new initiatives.

How To Join

We would love to have you as an Ambition member. It’s very easy to join, and take advantage of all our benefits


80% said their youth club helped them to know right from wrong

Why Join Us

We provide a wide range of training and development for the people who run clubs, where they can learn skills that will hugely benefit the young people they work with.


71% said their youth club helped their career development

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