Healthy Lifestyles

Today, many young people are unhealthy

30% are overweight. Only 32% of boys and 24% of girls do the government-recommended hour a day of exercise.

This extends to mental health too. One in 10 children between one and 15 has a mental health disorder.

And our lifestyles don’t just affect our minds and bodies. They can also damage the environment. Driving too much, eating food that takes a lot of energy to produce and distribute, and lack of recycling are just some of the factors contributing to global warming.

We have programmes tackling all these issues, making young people healthier, happier and more environmentally-conscious.

Our sport programmes are helping young people get fitter – not to mention teaching them skills like teamwork and fair play, and building their confidence. They include:

Our Somewhere to Talk – Someone to Listen project is giving youth clubs the tools they need to improve young people’s mental health.

Too few girls take part in sports and other activities, despite the enormous benefits they bring. We have several projects aiming to get more girls and young women participating.

Involving young people in environmental programmes is something we introduced just over a year ago with great success, with 400 young people taking part in projects ranging from environment fashion to organic gardens at their clubs.

500 young women and girls involved in our dance programme

93% said their youth club was a safe place to go in their community

73% said their youth club had provided support with schooling and education

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