Inspiring Young People

Our young peoples' programmes strengthen the great work local youth clubs deliver

Try hard at school vs truant with their friends. Get outside and exercise vs sit and watch TV. Drink in the park on a Friday night vs play sports.

Going to youth clubs inspires young people to take the right path. Not only are youth clubs somewhere to go, they build young people's self esteem, and give them the chance to keep fit and learn new skills.

We manage, fund and run lots of programmes to bolster the hard work local youth clubs do, giving young people even more opportunities to get involved with healthy, inspiring activities.

As part of our annual programme of activities, young people from our member clubs can take part in projects in four areas:

Healthy Lifestyles

We manage and run programmes to improve young people’s health, including football, cricket, dance and boxing initiatives. We also run projects to support young people’s emotional well-being and to protect the environment.


70% said their youth club had increased their participation in sports

Creative Arts

Arts projects are a great way to get young people excited, inspired and give them ideas for their future. That’s why we fund local projects to run initiatives where young people can try out everything from fashion design and painting to poetry and photography.


71% said their youth club helped their career development


In these tight economic times, more than ever young people need to be entrepreneurial and have the skills to succeed in business. Our business enterprise projects give them this opportunity.


73% said their youth club had provided support with schooling and education

Leadership Training

Around 800 young people a year learn to lead through our accredited leadership training programme, developing invaluable new skills as well as really increasing their confidence.


93% said their youth club was a safe place to go in their community

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