Our Plans: 2012-2015

Times are tough for the voluntary youth sector

To make sure youth clubs stay open, improving young people’s lives, and to ensure we can continue to provide our vital support to them, we need to be as resilient as possible.

Our three-year strategy Being Ambitious in Tough Times sets out what we’re going to do to make sure Ambition and the youth clubs we support come through the economic crisis stronger, more effective and more efficient. Take a look at some of our highlights from 2013-14 in our new success report, Making quality count.

We have four aims from now until June 2015:

Aim 1: We will support the development of our membership

Our membership of youth organisations is at the heart of our work and more than ever they need our support. We will develop the services they need and use our influence to open up exciting opportunities for them, so they survive and thrive.

Aim 2: We will improve the quality of community youth clubs and projects across the UK

As well as making sure that young people have a local youth club or youth project, we want to ensure that these are the best they can be. We will make sure youth clubs have the tools, support and information they need.

Aim 3: We will be a strong, focused and effective organisation

Voluntary youth services have had a tough time.  We want to be the voice of our members and the young people they support. Through the strength of our new brand and improved campaign focus we will secure better services and support.  We cannot do this alone, so will be working with other charities and supporters to help us.

Aim 4: We will raise our profile and income to meet our ambitious plans

Our new brand and strategy gives us clarity about who we are and what we do, and a great opportunity to make us even stronger. The economic climate has been challenging but we have worked hard to ensure we can respond to new developments and support our members. Over the next three years we will continue with this hard work, ensuring we raise vital funds to meet our ambitious plans.

For more information on exactly how we plan to implement our new strategy, download Being Ambitious in Tough Times.

5m teenagers in the UK

1,000 training awards delivered in a year

90% of annual expenditure directly supports young people in local communities

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