About Us

Ambition is the UK's leading youth club charity

Young people are under so much pressure today. Record numbers are out of work. School, relationships and peer pressure cause a lot of stress.

Youth clubs support young people to develop confidence, skills and resilience for the future.

And we support youth clubs, and community groups and projects to do this vital work.

As well as making sure that young people have a local youth club or community youth project, we want to make them the best they can be. We want youth clubs to have the tools, support and information they need. Read more here.

Our members work with over 3,500 youth clubs and youth community projects across the UK,  supporting more than 350,000 young people. Our members are at the heart of what we do. We develop the services they need and use our influence to open up exciting opportunities for them.

  • We provide training and development for the 30,000 adults who run these clubs.
  • We give advice on running clubs, including on policies and procedures, insurance and quality assurance.
  • We develop practical resources and information, and give clubs advice on specific projects.
  • We help clubs share information to improve what they do through our website and newsletter.
  • We hold regional and national events for young people and the adults running youth clubs.

We also influence national and local government to support youth clubs.

  • We meet with ministers, politicians and civil servants to raise important issues and influence policy to favour youth clubs. We also respond to government consultations.
  • We work with young people and our members to bring their direct experiences to decision-makers’ attention.
  • We work with statutory and voluntary sector partners locally and nationally to improve support to young people through youth clubs. Sometimes, we form coalitions to fight for change.
  • We commission research to strengthen support for youth clubs and help influence policy.

Our Vision To inspire and encourage all young people to achieve

Our Mission To lead young people’s services across the UK

We are spirited Our energy and determination inspires others

We collaborate We value working with others to achieve our goals

We are creative We are forward thinking and make the most of our resources

We lead We are proud to use our knowledge and experience but also listen and learn from others

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